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General Voice/Mailbox: 


Para más información contactar a:  800-822-2427


Debra Di Ianni
800-822-2427 ext. 3972
Executive Assistant

Gina M. Jaeger
800-822-2427 ext. 3971
Chief Executive Officer

Lori Riis-Vestergaard
800-822-2427 ext. 3973
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Skole
800-822-2427 ext. 9771
Chief Operations Officer

External Affairs

Mark Boos
800-822-2427 ext. 9783
Sr. Director Fund Development
Santa Cruz, San Benito & Monterey Counties

Laura Romano
800-822-2427 ext. 3988
Manager Community Engagement


Mark Carbajal
805-232-3967 ext. 3967
Senior Accountant

Tanya Carelli
800-822-2427 ext. 3974
Budget & Grants Manager

Kim McCalister
800-822-2427 ext. 3975
Accounting Specialist

Human Resources

Debra Diianni
800-822-2427 ext. 3972
Human Resources

Marketing and Communications

Tammy Gentry
800-822-2427 ext. 3981
VP Marketing, Communications & IT

Eileen Ringwald
800-822-2427 ext. 3982
Marketing Communications Manager


Dana Bolotin
800-822-2427 ext. 9774
Regional Director Member Services
Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey & San Luis Obispo Counties

Lisa Dart
800-822-2427 ext. 3990, or cell 805-729-5554
Regional Director of Member Services
Santa Barbara and Ventura County

Sandra Espino
800-822-2427 ext. 3989
Membership Manager
Northern Santa Barbara County

Lauren Hanson
800-822-2427 ext. 3995
Membership Manager
Southern Santa Barbara County, Northern Ventura County, Newbury Park, and Moorpark

Camille Jaque
800-822-2427 ext. 9773
Vice President Membership

Sylvia Kuaea
800-822-2427 ext. 3983
Membership Manager
Oxnard, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Filmore, and Pt Hueneme

Jennifer Kurtz
800-822-2427 ext. 9775
Membership Manager
Santa Cruz County, Monterey Peninsula and South Salinas

Michele Lofte
800-822-2427 ext. 9772
Membership, Volunteer, Program Manager

Keri Menne
800-822-2427 ext. 3994
Membership Manager
Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Simi Valley

Jessica Sanchez
800-822-2427 ext. 9776
Membership Manager
Watsonville, San Benito County, Salinas and Southern Monterey County

Pat Soulliere-Ochylski
800-822-2427 ext. 3991, or cell 805-720-3986
Membership Manager
San Luis Obispo County

Product Sales

Carol Chavez
800-822-2427 ext. 3977
Director of Sales

Program & Volunteer Services

Melissa Baffa
800-822-2427 ext. 3984
Vice President of Program and Volunteer Services

Jeanne Llewellyn
800-822-2427 ext. 3969
Manager Program & Volunteer Services
Ventura, Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties

Sheila Walsh
800-822-2427 ext. 9768
Manager Program & Volunteer Services
Santa Cruz, San Benito & Monterey Counties


Camp Arnaz
805-649-8860 ext. NA
Program Center

Allan J. Goff
805-232-3979 ext. 3979
Director of Properties

Brooke Sheridan
805-658-8210 ext. 3966
Program Assistant
Arnaz Program Center


Maria Ramirez
800-822-2427 ext. 9780
Council Registrar


Carol Chavez
800-822-2427 ext. 3977
Director of Sales
Council Wide

Rebecca Jones
800-822-2427 ext. 9782
Regional Manager: Retail & Product Sales

Christina Ortiz
800-822-2427 ext. 3985
Regional Manager: Retail & Product Sales