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When Girls Succeed - So Does Society

There are numerous youth groups and many are doing good work but none can compare to Girl Scouting’s 100-year track record of leadership development for girls. Creating women leaders is what we do – and no one does it better.


There is a leadership crisis across the globe and the world does not have the luxury of continuing to underutilize the potential of 51% of the population. There has never been a greater need for girls to become leaders in their own lives and the wider world. 

It has been said that the status of women in society is a direct measure of that society's success. But it goes deeper than that and starts with girls. The statistics we read about girls today have a predicting effect on all of our futures. A girl who doesn't believe she has what it takes to be a leader isn't likely to run for mayor one day. A girl who is laughed at by peers for being outspoken in the classroom isn't dreaming of sitting at the head of the table, running a board meeting. A girl who hides her abilities in science and math won’t find the cure to illnesses that affect us all.
  • Only 1 in 5 girls feels she has the key qualities to be a good leader
  • Programs for girls receive only 7.5% of philanthropic dollars; Yet investing in girls produces the greatest return in economic development, social progress, and public health.
  • Women make up only 6.5% of science advisory board members in U.S. high-tech firms; yet 74% of teen girls say they’re interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects

Generation STEM Research Findings

The world needs girls.
Girls need Girl Scouting.
Girl Scouting needs you.