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 What We Do

Imagine a new generation of leaders who lead in a new way;
who lead out of principle rather than pride;
who step across barriers of class and race every day;
who seek out the work that needs doing in the world; and
who bring boundless energy to every challenge.
They are today’s Girl Scouts!

There are numerous youth groups out there and many are doing good work; however, Girl Scouting stands apart in its 100 years of proven success in the area of leadership development for girls.  As the Movement begins the journey to its second hundred years, Girl Scouting is committed to preparing new generations of girls to lead in new ways.

Research shows that almost all girls think that anyone can be a leader but only 1 in 5 girls believe they personally have what it takes to lead – and girls/women are under-represented in the leadership ranks across many critical sectors.  Our world needs girls to realize their potential and Girl Scouting has graduated more women leaders than all the top business schools in the country.

In Girl Scouting, girls have fun, make forever friends and create forever memories through experiences and activities based in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience curriculum – or GSLE – which is made up of the following components:

In Girl Scouting volunteers work in partnership with girls to help them each find and follow their own leadership path based on how they want to lead in their own lives and/or the wider world.  As they support leadership development in girls, Girl Scout volunteers also serve as leadership role models.  Volunteers are the leaders behind the leaders.