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Troop Leader Blueprint for an Amazing Year

Your Blueprint for an Amazing Troop Year

New troop year? Bring it on!

Keep your troop going strong with a structured year plan! Here are specified troop year plans from GSUSA that give a great example to how a year may look like for your girls. Go to Troop Year Planner on GSUSA’s website for some more information on Troop Year Plans. Please contact your Volunteer Support Manager (VSM) in your area or contact our customer care for more information - We’re here to support you as you help your troop thrive!

Program Ideas and Adaptations​

Power a fun-filled troop year with this curated selection of badges, Journeys, and activities to help you throughout this troop year.

Select a program level
Multi-Level Troops

Training and Planning Tools
Local Support and Training

These training materials and resources will make this troop year easier. Start exploring!

Log in to gsLearn to explore free training modules such as: 

  • Facilitating Great Virtual Meetings
  • Zoom Meetings for Troop Leaders:
  • Volunteer Toolkit
  • Outdoor Training
  • Stepping Out Training      

All these and more can be found on our Council website:

Council Staff are also available to help answer any questions you may have. Please contact Customer Care –, 1-800-822-2427 or the Volunteer Support manager for your area. Council will also connect you to your local Service Unit.

Meeting Planning Tools

Check out these tried-and-true resources from fellow troop leaders who successfully adapted their meetings for in-person-safe and virtual settings.

Planning Activities

These volunteer-generated ideas can you help adapt to any meeting environment. You can also visit the program level pages above to view adaptations for specific badges and journeys.

Connecting with Families