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Adult Outdoor Training - South (V)

Tue Dec 07, 7:00 PM - Tue Dec 07, 10:00 PM
Program Type:
Adult Training
Adult Training
Ventura County
Adult Fee:

Part A: Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021  7-10PM on Zoom
Part B: Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021  9am-4pm at Camp Arnaz
$20 per person

Outdoor Training enables you to learn skills needed for camping and outdoor cooking over an open flame.  You will learn how to implement a girl-led camping trip, how to cook in the outdoors, tie-knots, and much more.

Leaders are expected to attend both sessions, be present and actively participate. 

PREREQUISITE: Registered, Completed Background Check and Stepping Out Training.

Outdoor Training is a two-part training.  Part A is a classroom based training where you will learn the basics of planning a girl-led camping trip.  You will be put into patrols and challenged to go through the process of planning a council approved trip.  You will be meal planning during part A.  At the completion of part A, you will need to gather/shop for supplies for part B.  Part B Outdoor Training is a practical application of the preparation you did during part A and will be located outdoors.  You will be required to bring various camping supplies and/or food.

The California Blueprint for a Safer Economy is the basis for permitting in-person  activities hosted by volunteers. Parents and volunteers should consult this guidance to decide whether or not to attend an in-person Girl Scout meeting or event or to allow their girl attend.