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Designs on Chocolate (C/S/A) Monterey County

Sat Dec 14, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Program Type:
Life Skills
6 - 12
Life Skills
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Monterey County
Girl Fee:

Designs on Chocolate Flyer

Join Cadette, Senior and Ambassador girls for Designs on Chocolate!!

Girls will work with several chocolate varieties—milk, semi-sweet and white— and learn a few fun techniques, including how to frost and decorate a cupcake. Girls will learn some culinary science on the melting point of chocolate, the difference between varieties, how to use a double boiler, and “as well as save” mistakes.

Bring an unfrosted cupcake! 

All participants will receive a chocolate mold to take home to continue making delicious holiday treats.

Please wear an apron along with comfortable layered clothing, and closed toe shoes. Wear hair tied back.

Bring an apron, refillable water bottle and hearty snack.