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No Straw November (D/B/J/C/S/A)

Wed Nov 01, 12:00 AM - Thu Nov 30, 12:00 AM PST
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Ambassador, Brownie, Cadette, Daisy, Junior, Senior, Volunteer

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Join fellow Girl Scouts and Jr Ocean Guardians in protecting the ocean and beach environment by reducing the number of disposable plastic straws used in the month of November.

80% of all marine debris found in the ocean is land based, and 80-90% of the marine debris is made from plastic.

Girls will take a pledge to decrease the number of disposable plastic straws they use in the month of November.

Program Details:

·  November 1, 2017—Download, sign and submit the “No Straw November” pledge.

·  Download the “No Straw November” tally sheet. Track the number of times you say, No, thank you” to using a disposable straw.

·  November 30, 2017—Submit completed tally form and purchase your patch.

​Go to Jr. Ocean Guardians for "No Straw November" pledge and tally sheet.