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Corporate Cookie Connection

This year we are launching a rebrand of our Cookie Booth Buyout. We are thrilled to introduce to you the Corporate Cookie Connection program. While our goal is to help ensure you have a successful cookie business, we are dedicated to empowering a girl-led cookie sale program through this new opportunity learning how to prospect, propose & pitch, procure, and partner.

Below is a link to learn more about the Corporate Cookie Connection program and how you can leverage this to sell more cookies, sharpen your business skills, and most importantly to have some fun!

Please make sure that before you start your Corporate Cookie Connection adventure that you read through the program packet carefully. If you have questions, please reach out so we can help!

Program Information
Program Information (Spanish)
Corporate Cookie Connection Donation Certificate of Appreciation


If you follow the program process and complete the 4 “P’s”, we are offering an additional $ 0.20 per box secured through your Corporate Cookie Connections!

The Corporate Cookie Connection runs from January 29 – March 1, 2022.

Company Cookie Buyout Participation

Participate in the The Girl Scout Corporate Cookie Connection is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Submit  this form  confirming your company information and level of support*. On the form, you are able to select a specific troop or a troop in your city/delivery location.  Once received, a Girl Scout Troop will reach out with a link to purchase your cookies.  The Cookie Buyout runs  from January 29, 2022 - March 1, 2021. 

  2. Click on the troop’s link and place your order using our cookie website to select cookies and pay online. You are also able to select delivery of cookies by the troop, shipping of cookies or donate cookies as a tax deduction to Cookie Share.

  3. Spread joy! A local Girl Scout troop will create a personalized certificate of appreciation, post their thank you photo on social media and deliver the delicious cookies to you!  With a purchase of $250+, Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast will also include your name in a thank you advertisement in the GSCCC Annual Report
$250 Bronze Corporate Sponsor $500 Silver Corporate Sponsor $1,000 Gold Corporate Sponsor $1,500 Platinum Corporate Sponsor
50 boxes sponsored 100 boxes sponsored 200 boxes sponsored 300 boxes

1. Prospect: The first step in building strong corporate cookie connections is to identify prospects. A prospect is a company that is a potential sponsor for your Cookie Sale. Below are a few prompting questions and ideas to help you brainstorm cookie sponsorship prospects.

  • What businesses do you frequent?
  • Have you seen businesses highlighted in the local news?
  • Do you have family and/or friends who work for a local business?
  • What businesses have made donations to the community before
    and, therefore, may do so again?
  • Are there businesses that could utilize cookies as client gifts, employee appreciation, etc.?

2. Proposal & Pitch: To prepare for your meeting with the business leader(s), you must create your proposal and pitch. Your proposal includes all the information your prospect may need to know! You should include information on the Corporate Cookie Connections program, what levels of sponsorship are available, and the benefits to the business for participating (see page 8 for these details). You may also want to share about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, your Cookie Sale goals, and your Girl Scout experience. Your proposal may be a printed document, perhaps a flyer or pamphlet you design. You could also create a digital proposal document, website, or presentation to share.

  • Practice, practice, practice! If possible, practice with an audience who can help provide you feedback.
  • Avoid filler words like “um,” “like,” and “so.” Writing out and practicing your pitch can help you grow confident in your words and avoid fillers, but if you feel the urge to say them, try to take a brief pause instead!
  • If you make a mistake, that is okay! Just pause, take a deep breathe, and keep going.
  • Dress for success (your Girl Scout uniform would be a great touch!) and stand/ sit up straight so that you look and feel confident.
  •  Make eye contact with your audience. If that seems a little scary, an easy trick is to look at someone’s forehead so that you are still acknowledging them but do not make yourself uncomfortable.

3. Procure: To procure means to obtain, and in this case, you are procuring a sponsorship! After providing  a proposal to your prospect and giving your pitch, try to get that yes! Before that point, it is likely the business leader(s) will ask some questions. Answer them as honestly as you can, should you know the answer. If you do not, simply let them know and offer to get back to them at a later time with the answer.

4. Partner: While the Corporate Cookie Connections program is based on financial sponsorships, it is important to remember that you are forming partnerships with these businesses! In the same way you want to receive credit for the sponsorship to earn cool rewards you want to be sure the business is getting all the benefits promised to them.


For more cookie sales information click here.

Thank you to Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida for creating the Corporate Cookie Connection program.