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Adventure sports programs for girls

Adventure Club

What is it?
The GSCCC Adventure Club is an opportunity for girls to lead their own adventures, challenge themselves to try something new, and push their boundaries. Girls who participate can earn the Adventure Club Patch.

Who is it for?
All girls. Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassadors.

Why is it important?
Girl Scouts is dedicated to creating girls who are Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk Takers, and Leaders. Through outdoor adventure girls are allowed to take risks, become their own leaders, and learn about themselves, each other, and their world in new and exciting ways.

The Adventure Club continues the Girl Scout tradition of outdoor experiences and skill exploration which allow every girl the opportunity to:

  • Try new activities or sports that encourage an active lifestyle
  • Be challenged to grow in new ways and become better problem solvers
  • Unplug from screens and social media – and know that it’s ok to take a break
  • Develop leadership skills and become team players
  • Have fun exploring and building social bonds within a safe space like Girl Scouts!

How do we earn the patch?
Participate in three or more outdoor adventures in one Girl Scout Year and complete your passbook. The activity and challenge level is up to you. Use the Outdoor Progression chart and the Safety Activity Checkpoints to help guide your girl led adventures.

Examples of possible Adventure Club Activities include:

  • Canoeing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking or Backpacking
  • Kayaking
  • Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Plein Air Painting (painting outdoors)
  • Canyoneering

Check out the GSCCC Program Calendar for programs related to Adventure Club

After your 3rd adventure, tell us about it! Complete the Adventure Club Passbook which you can pick up at any of our program centers or print it fo your yourself. Once you have completed your three adventures and filled out your passbook, mail it to our Castroville Office, 10550 Merritt Street, Castroville, CA 95012. Once your completed passbook is received and processed your patch will be mailed out to you on the next mailing date. Thanks to a generous donation, at this time, patches will be FREE.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media with #GSCCCAdventure and @girlscoutsccc.

Helpful Resources

GS Outdoor Progression
Keep your adventures GIRL led! Progression allows girls to learn the skills they need to become competent in the outdoors, including how to plan and organize outdoor activities.

Safety Activity Checkpoints
Staying safe in the outdoors should always be Girl Scouts #1 priority. Use the SAC to ensure you have what you need to make your trip a success.

Adult Training
Adult training is often mandatory when taking your girls into the great outdoors. Make sure your certifications are valid.

Forms and Documents
Make sure you have the proper forms filled out before embarking on your adventure!

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GSCCC Progam Calendar

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Adventure Club is being announced in summer 2019, do I have to wait until October 2019 to begin counting Adventure Club activities?
For our inaugural year we will accept Adventure Club activities that happen July 1st, 2019 through September 30th, 2020. After this first year Adventure Club activities will only be counted for the Girl Scout year they occur in  (October 1st- September 30th)

What types of activities count towards Adventure Club?
An Adventure Club activity is one that is mostly outdoors, engages with the natural world, and challenges you to try something new or go further. Here are a few examples of Adventure Club type activities:

  • Hiking/Backpacking
  • Rock/Mountain Climbing
  • Kayaking/Canoeing/Boating
  • Fishing
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Plein Air Painting
  • Ice Skating
  • Biking (city or mountain)
  • Horseback riding

Who should track participation and the number of activities completed?
Participation is “on your honor”. Troops and/or girls and families are responsible for tracking number of Adventure Club activities completed.

Can girls participate in Adventure Club activities on their own/with their family?
Girls are encouraged to participate in events at the troop, service unit, or council level. However, if a girl’s troop is not participating in Adventure Club (or she is a Juliette Girl Scout), she may plan Adventure Club activities on her own. Please remember that individual girls (with a parent chaperone) can attend council events! Check out our Activity Calendar for lots of Adventure Club activity options!

How much do the patches cost?
Thanks to a donation, patches at this time are FREE. 

How often are the patches mailed if the program goes all year?
You can turn in your completed passbook year-round. The patch request form is open year-round. Due dates for each mailing are listed below. If we receive your passbook after one of the due dates, your patches will simply be mailed the next time around.

May 31 – Mailed in June
September 30 –Mailed in October

What if an outdoor-type activity is being done indoors (example: rock climbing at an indoor facility) – does that count towards Adventure Club?
Yes! If you are participating in an activity that prepares you to take it outdoors next time, such as indoor rock climbing, then yes – we’d consider that a great fit for Adventure Club!

If we do the same activity three times does that count towards our three activities for Adventure Club?
While we encourage girls to try three different activities for Adventure Club, we know there may be a time where girls want to expand on the skills they started. For example, if a troop goes indoor rock-climbing first, then on another date tries out-door rock climbing – that would be a good way to push themselves further in the same activity and both sessions could count towards Adventure Club. If a troop went skiing and did the same trail three different times, that should only count as one Adventure Club activity, and not three.