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More Fun for Girls

GSCCC offers a variety of events and activities to support girls of all ages and all walks of life through council programs and activities troops can do on their own in addition to the Girls Guides and Journeys.

The recipe for girl success, both now and in the future, is complex and unique for each girl. But at GSCCC, we know there are essential ingredients that can provide a strong foundation for every girl’s well-being. Working with volunteers, together, we help girls take the lead like a Girl Scout by:

  • Cultivating their leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and financial literacy
  • Fostering global awareness and civic responsibility
  • Developing self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle to thrive and grow strong

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Troop Activity Resources

Troop Activity Resources

GSUSA partnerships also provide Troop Activity resources which offer girls additional tools to discover new things and develop their leadership skills as they take their Girl Scout journey.   



Barbie® and Girl Scouts of the USA announced a unique partnership to create the Barbie® “Be Anything, Do Everything” patch. The participation patch is designed to inspire the next generation of female leaders, encouraging girls to explore endless career possibilities through exciting new program activities.

Activity Packets (including booklets and patches) are available for purchase in limited quantities and while supplies last through the council Retail Shops. Packets are available in English and in Spanish. 



Girl Scouts is proud to partner with Lean In to bring you Ban Bossy, a public service campaign dedicated to empowering girls to lead at home, at school, and at work. We want to ban the word "bossy" as one way to show girls they can be whatever they dream of being, from the CEO of world's largest company to the CEO of her family at home.

Ban Bossy includes a newly-launched website, Ban Bossy, where visitors can take the pledge to Ban Bossy; share facts and figures on girls' leadership; read Ban Bossy quotes from celebrities and leaders; and download GS troop leadership tips encouraging girls and women to lead at home, at school, and at work.

The Ban Bossy programming is tied to Girl Scouts' "BFF: Be a Friend First" campaign. Through these exercises, girls, 8 years and older, will learn leadership skills that will help them throughout their lives. When the girls participate in the activity they can earn the "I'm a Leader" patch. Click below to see resources and merchandise available now to help bring this important, fun program to girls!

Order Your Ban Bossy Gear on-line

Council's Own

Check out our Council's Own patch programs here.

Cadette, Senior, & Ambassador Thank You Patch Program

New Patch Program!
Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Thank You Patch Program

This new patch program provides Cadettes, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts an opportunity to build leadership skills through supporting GSCCC programs, including Pop UP Camp, Tent or Treat, and badge and journey workshops for younger girls.

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts earn the 8 pieces of this patch by volunteering a specific number of hours. See hourly requirements below.

GSCCC is kicking off this patch program during the Pop UP Camp 2019. Any Cadette, Senior or Ambassador girl or troop hosting a tent at Pop UP 2019 will earn the first piece of the patch!

Main Patch - 3 hours
Thank you! – 3 hours
Xie Xie! – 3 hours
Merci! – 3 hours
Danke! – 3 hours
Kamsahamnida! – 3 hours
Obrigado! – 3 hours

Badge in a Box Kits

Check out our Badge in a Box kits here.


Changing the World with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Aerospace engineer, biologist, meteorologist, and cryptographer—these are just some of the jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Although girls have the passion to pursue STEM-related careers, women are underrepresented in these rewarding fields.

Girl Scouts helps foster a life-long passion for STEM and inquiry-based learning as girls engage in cooperative partnerships; working together to solve problems, conduct experiments, plan, and implement STEM-based projects. Whether girls want to learn how to build a robot, a catapult, or participate in global conservation efforts, Girl Scouts teaches them how!

Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast introduces girls of all ages to how they can use STEAM and help make the world a better place!

For more information on how to get involved in STEM activities, check out the links below!

GSCCC STEM Balloon No Helium

GSCCC STEM Balloon Zip Line 

GSCCC STEM Bending Water

GSCCC STEM Bird Feeder


GSCCC STEM Code Your Name

GSCCC STEM Confetti Poppers


GSCCC STEM Electric Lemon

GSCCC STEM Galaxy Bottle

GSCCC STEM Giant Bubble Maker

GSCCC STEM Ice Cream Bag

GSCCC STEM Light the Bulb


GSCCC STEM Mystery Bag

GSCCC STEM Observation

GSCCC STEM Online Resources

GSCCC STEM Origami Math

GSCCC STEM Paper Plate Race Track

GSCCC STEM Paper Strength

GSCCC STEM Parabolic Curves

GSCCC STEM Play with Food

GSCCC STEM Popsicle Stick Engineering


GSCCC STEM Sock Garden

GSCCC STEM Spoon Catapult

GSCCC STEM Sprout House


GSCCC STEM Terrarium Jar

GSCCC STEM Toothpick Marshmallow Challenge

GSCCC STEM Watershed

Conservation - Clapper Rail Nests

Conservation - Clapper Rail Nests

Conservation - Clapper Rail Nests

In partnership with US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Navy Seabees, and the Audubon Society, Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast have been engaged in a unique, long-term STEAM project -  building, launching and monitoring floating nests for one of our local endangered species: the California Clapper Rail. You can stay tuned here to check status as the Clapper Rails hatch in spring 2017.


  • Worked with wildlife biologists.
  • Were able to see live birds of prey up close and participate in an awesome presentation conducted by the Ojai Raptor Center.
  • Gained hands-on skill building and construction experience.

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