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Equine Center

The Camp Arnaz Equine Center’s Mission unites Girl Scouts and horses to create opportunities for outdoor adventure and meaningful relationships. Girls will overcome new challenges to gain knowledge, confidence, and responsibility that they can use to become leaders in their communities while developing a passion and respect for the natural world.

Equestrian Program Events
Join us all year round for various different equestrian events and weekend equestrian events for girls of all ages.

Check out the events!

To book lessons be sure to read all of the FAQs below and see this link Book Lessons Here

Summer Camp
Love horses? Come join us during the summer! From beginner to experienced riders our state-of-the-art equestrian facility at Camp Arnaz is the best choice to learn awareness, new skills, and confidence over the summer.

We get lots of questions from parents, guardians, and leaders regarding our equestrian programs. We have compiled a FAQ list to help.

If want to know more about the equestrian programs or have any questions you can contact our Customer Care Team at 800-822-2427 or for further assistance.

FAQs and Booking

Private Horseback Riding Lessons

How Long are private lessons?
Each private lesson runs for 1 hour long. At this time, we do not allow booking of two consecutive lessons back-to-back for the same person.

Who can take private lessons?
Private lessons are open to the public for anyone ages 3 and above. We can take girls, boys, kids, adults, anyone who wants to come ride us. 

How much do lessons cost?
Private lessons are $45 per lesson. We often run promotions and bundles for packs (series) of lessons, so make sure to keep an eye out for those!

Do you do group lessons?
Group lessons are booked on a strict case-by-case basis due to staffing and horses. Please contact Summer Helmuth for any inquiries about group lessons.

How do I book a private lesson?

What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?
If you have to reschedule your lesson, we ask that you do so no later than 24 hours in advance. For cancellations, the latest you can do so is 48 hours in advance.


Equine Programs

Who can sign up for programs?
Only registered Girl Scouts can sign up for equine programs. Girls do not have to be a part of a troop to sign up for a program. 

Do you allow Tagalongs?
We do not allow Taglongs for Equine programs at Girl Scouts. 

What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?
You can reschedule your program reservation up to three days before the program occurs. You have up to two days before the program to cancel your reservation. 

Where can I find available Equine Programs?
You can find a list of our available programs here. Descriptions of each program and level of Girls Scouts that can attend can be found under each individual program.


What to Bring/Wear/Where to Go
  • Please wear long pants, preferably jeans. Non-fashioned boots with a one inch heel are preferred, if you do not have boots we ask that you wear close-toed shoes. No dangly jewelry.

  • Make sure to check local weather (Oak View, Ojai, etc.) for an accurate idea of the weather conditions on the day of your program/lesson. Temperatures can vary from 35°F-45°F during the winter and 95°F-105°F in the summertime.

  • Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen if you are coming out for multiple programs.

  • Feel free to bring a horseback riding helmet so long as it is ASTM/SEI certified. If you do not have a helmet, we will provide one for you.

  • Check in is located back at the Equine Center. Please enter through the front gate of Camp Arnaz and follow the signs to the Equine Center at the back of the camp. Please do not drive through the Equine Center, we ask that you park next to the horse trailer by the pasture.