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Kindergarten Buddies

Girl Scout Kindergarten Buddies is designed specifically for Pre-K and Kindergarten girls who are interested in joining Girl Scouts. It provides an opportunity to meet other girls in their area through a local event held at our council retail/program centers, starting in April.

Once you complete the registration form you will receive an awesome activity book that can either be emailed, mailed, or picked up at one of our retail/program center locations. You’ll also get a membership and an opportunity join a Girl Scout troop in the fall! Girls will have a chance to explore the fun and excitement that Girl Scouts can offer!

If you sign up now by filling out the pre-registration form, your girl will get an exclusive patch! It's easy, just click here and it will take you to our registration form.

More to follow, there will be exclusive meetings for Pre-K and Kindergarteners starting April at all our retail/program centers.

We look forward to your girl to make new buddies!

Click here to register!

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