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 Girl Scout Cookies

The Cookie Sale is one of Girl Scouting’s most successful leadership development tools.  It helps girls develop skills, self confidence and values.  It allows them to learn and practice financial literacy skills, an area in which research shows girls fall behind boys.  Since the vast majority of girls will at some point be  responsible for managing their own finances, understanding money is a critical skill that all girls need. 

When a girl sells cookies, she is essentially managing her own small business – setting goals and translating them into a business plan, handling product, interacting with customers and communicating the investment payoff, which is not just cookies that taste great but girls that are learning to be “Smart Cookies”!

How Families Can Help

As a parent or guardian, you can insure that the Cookie Program is a safe AND successful experience for your daughter. 

  • Review the safely guidelines with her every time she goes out to take orders, to deliver cookies or take part in a booth sale. 
  • Talk to her about her goals – not just how many boxes she wants to sell but what she hopes to learn or experience. 
  • If math is a tough subject in school for her, cookies can provide some real life experience with numbers to improve her skills and understanding. 
  • If she is shy, she may find that talking about cookies to eager customers will help her gain confidence.  
  • As she moves toward her goal, give her positive feedback and encouragement – and make sure she knows that the number one reason people buy Girl Scout cookies is because they believe in her.

All proceeds support Girl Scouting in our local communities throughout the central coast. Girl Scout Cookies fund the future – and it couldn’t happen without you.