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Troop 50617 Launches Children's Book Mobile

Girl Scout Troop 50617, from Lompoc, set off on a Brownie Journey that led them to take action by building and launching a Children's Book Mobile Library

The girls have been learning about telling stories all year as part of their "It's your Story, Tell It" journey.

They did various activities including going to a ballet and learned to tell stories with dance, going to a drama class and learned to tell stories with acting and also video recording. They wrote a song which they will be recording at a music studio as part of learning how stories are told through music.

The troop also researched their family history and learned how stories can be passed down through generations. They learned from a photographer how to tell a story with only a photograph (2 of the girls won a local photography contest).

At the end of their journey, the girls chose to build a Mobile library because they love to read and they desired to find a way to share books for kids grades k-6. 

As part of preparing for their project, they also learned how the library curates/repairs and

cleans donated books. They earned money for supplies through cookie sales, drafted the plan, helped choose the wood and began building. 

One of the Troop's Dad helped with construction, which included safety training
and working with power tools

The mobile library will visit neighborhoods, schools, parties and parks where children can bring a leave a book and take a book. The Girl Scouts will maintain the library by fixing any books that are torn or dirty and will restock when needed.

Click here to visit their Facebook page you can visit to find out where the Book Mobile will be visiting: Lompoc Children's Book Mobile Facebook Page