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Local Girl Scouts Aim to Aid Local Environment

Girl Scouts, of local Troop 10300, recently created posters hoping to encourage local trail users to protect the habitat that endangered Kangaroo Rats depend on.

Their wish has come true. Some of the posters will be turned into signs and displayed along trails in the sandhills areas of Quail Hollow Ranch County Park and Henry Cowell State Park.

"The girls have put a lot of energy and care into this project," said Lee Summers, Quail Hollow Ranch park interpreter. "I believe that when children have the opportunity to fall in love with nature and demonstrate that love some way, they become empowered to make the world a better place to live, for all of us."


These girls are living the Girl Scout Mission of becoming girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character, who make the world a better palce


Girl Scouting emphasizes girl-led programming, and Troop Mentor, Meara said she is curious to see where these girls will lead her next — toward gardening or natural history — or somewhere else entirely.


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