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Join - Daisy


Her next step, powered by Girl Scouts!

Your girl is heading off to kindergarten soon – are you ready? We can help!

With so many new experiences to conquer and lessons to learn as she steps into this new phase of her life, a trusted partner and all-things-girl expert like Girl Scouts is exactly what your girl needs to succeed in and out of the classroom.

What Daisies Do

Don’t we all wish we could look at the world through a Daisy Girl Scout’s eyes? Everything they do—from planting a garden to putting on a skit to proudly adding that first petal to their vest—sparkles with that "first time ever" newness! Along the way, they’ll use their Daisy exuberance to help others—and they’ll never forget how that feels. Every Daisy meeting is an adventure filled with giggles, energy, and excitement.

As a Daisy (grades K–1), she might:

face1_32 Gain new friends as part of a troop

flower_32Earn petals (the special Daisy version of badges earned by older Girl Scouts) as she embraces the Girl Scout Promise and Law

political-science_32 Make a difference in her community through a Leadership Journey

planet01_32 Sell cookies (and have fun doing it)

tree1_32 Explore nature and the outdoors

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