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Our world needs girls. Girls need Girl Scouting. Girl Scouting needs you.

FACT:  Women are 51% of the population.
FACT:  Only 7.5% of philanthropic dollars are invested in girl programs.
FACT:  Our country and our world are facing a crisis of leadership.
FACT:  Girl Scouting has a century-long proven track record of creating women leaders. (The first women to serve as Space Shuttle Commander, Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justice, Evening Network News Anchor, President of Harvard and Secretary of Homeland Security are all grown-up Girl Scouts.)
FACT:  Our country is lagging behind in producing people qualified to work in science, technology, engineering and math.  (STEM)
FACT:  STEM is a major focus of Girl Scout Program and Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast is part of a STEM initiative funded by the National Science Foundation.
FACT:  Girls are exposed to many different negative influences.
FACT:  Research shows that Girl Scouts are less likely to become pregnant as teens, to drop out of school and to use drugs.
FACT:  Our country needs people who give back.
FACT:  Every year, Girl Scouts provide over 75 million hours in community service – AND research shows that grown-up Girl Scouts vote more and volunteer more than women who were not Girl Scouts.
FACT:  Bullying is a major concern today.
FACT:  Girl Scouting has an acclaimed Healthy Relationships program that includes an anti-bullying component of proven effectiveness.
FACT:  Girls lag behind boys in financial literacy; yet over 70% of girls will be responsible for managing their own money at some point and “households headed by single women” is the fastest growing poverty group.
FACT:  Girl Scouting offers the most successful financial literacy program for girls in the world.
FACT:  The public is demanding increased accountability from non-profits.
FACT:  Girl Scouts earns Youth Interest Non-Profit Brand of the Year in the 2012 Harris Poll Non-Profit EquiTrend Study.
Sources:  Girl Scouts of the USA, Girl Scout Research Institute,