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Branding 101 for Volunteers

Representing Girl Scouts in the Community

Thank you for representing Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast at community events! Please refer to the following tips to help avoid confusion that may arise from recent changes in Boy Scout membership policies.

  • Use consistent language and correct Girl Scout branding, as outlined below. (Please share this information with the coordinators, spokesperson, or media representatives at events in which you participate.)
  • Wear the Girl Scout uniform or Girl Scout-branded clothing at community and school functions (e.g., parades, flag ceremonies, recruitment events, Girl Scout troop outings).
  • Ask event announcers to distinguish between the two separate youth organizations (i.e., use “Girl Scouts” or “GSUSA” and “Boy Scouts” or “BSA” rather than “Scouts” or “Scouting”).

We are happy to help if you have a question about a partnership opportunity with another youth organization or need assistance with a related situation. Contact with any questions or artwork approval.

Girl Scout Terms



Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA)

Girl Scouts of America (GSA)

Girl Scout/Girl Scouts/Girl Scouting


Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast or GSCCC

Girl Scouts CCC

Girl Scout Troop 1234

Troop 1234

Cookie Program, Fall Product Program

Cookie sale, Fall Nut Sale

Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout Silver Award, Girl Scout Bronze Award

Win the Girl Scout Gold Award

Gold Award Girl Scout, Silver Award Girl Scout, Bronze Award Girl Scout

Gold/Silver/Bronze Award winner, awardee, recipient

Our Servicemark

Wondering how to use our servicemark? Here are some guidelines to help you in your design efforts.

Spacing: Margin and/or clearance space around the Servicemark is determined by the height of the “g” in the Servicemark itself. You should have at least one "g" sized buffer space from any part of the servicemark and any other element in a piece.

Servicemark Placement: The preferred placement for the Servicemark is on the left third of the page.

Contact with any questions or artwork approval.

For more Girl Scout brand guidelines such as Trefoil placement, correct usage and placement, and our color palette.

Click here: GS Brand Standard Guidelines