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National Delegates

Our Delegates have been chosen and are ready to lead Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast as a National Council Delegate during the 2017 National Convention and for a term of three years.  

However, all Girl Scouts are invited to attend!

Check-Out the Convention site.


About our National Council Delegates

Delegates must be:

  • a United States citizen
  • a registered member of the Movement
  • 14 years of age or older
  • available to attend the National Council Session (October 4–6, 2017) in Columbus, Ohio

Delegates must commit:

  • to participating in delegate training sessions offered by the council
  • to a three-year tenure as a delegate
  • to participating in National Council Session follow-up activities
Selection Criteria
  • Strategic thinking - Demonstrates ability to think in terms of long-term goals and objectives that advance the Movement as a whole. Is future-focused.
  • Communication - Expresses ideas and facts in a clear manner.
  • Experience - (policy influencing or policy making) Has participated in annual or board meetings.
  • Demonstrates understanding of difference between operational and policy decisions.
  • Has knowledge of Girl Scouting (local and national)
  • Has knowledge of Girl Scouting at the council level, and knowledge of the Movement.
  • Decision making ability to analyze issues from a council and national perspective.
  • Demonstrates ability to weigh options and consider ramifications.
  • Adaptability - Demonstrates flexibility when new information is brought forward. (Comes to the session informed but not instructed.)
  • Team building - Promotes partnerships. Has commitments to the team approach.
  • Will support decisions of the National Council once made.
  • Listening/representation ability to collect input from local stakeholders to inform strategic decision making and represent these communities at the national level.