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Arnaz lodge building located near Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara

Arnaz Program Center

The primary purpose of the Arnaz Program Center , located on 36-acres near the beautiful Ojai valley, is to serve as a platform for different age-level troops to engage in outdoor education, place-based learning and environmental education through a variety of activities that reflect the interests and needs of the girls and the skills and abilities of the adults who support them. 

Since its dedication in November of 1982, thousands of Girl Scouts, non-profit organizations, and private parties have enjoyed the beauty and enrichment of programs and outdoor events at the Arnaz Program Center.  

Learn more about rental information here. Reserve your spot here. The center offers Girl Scout groups, non-profit organizations, and private parties reasonable rental rates year round. The site is ideal for small camping trips and large-scale events alike.

Arnaz Features

Cabins and the Lodge - There are two cabins and a lodge on site, providing room for a variety of program events and overnight accommodations.  Each building has electricity, hot water, cooking facilities and flush toilets.

Campsites - Arnaz boasts two comfortable campgrounds and five rain shines (permanent rain canopies) with individual fire pits, cooking areas, picnic tables, running water, small grills and campfire rings.

Yurts - There are two yurts at Arnaz. Yurts are enclosed structures that can accommodate 25 people for a meeting or other activity. Fourteen people may sleep in bunk beds or cots overnight.

Activity Room - Connected to the main lodge, this room can accommodate up to 45 people for a variety of program activities or meetings.

DIY Kits - Try the new and improved DIY kits available at Arnaz Program Center.

Do-It-Yourself Kits include badge projects with all necessary instructions and tools, wrapped up and ready to go!  DIY program kits encourage girls to work on Journeys, outdoor skills, crafts, badges and patches. These kits enhance leadership skills by encouraging girls to successfully complete goal-focused activities. A simple reservation process and a small rental fee can bring an exciting experience right to your troop meeting or event.

Troops interested in utilizing these great DIY kits and program tubs while at Arnaz, can click here for descriptions and here to reserve kits for use at Arnaz.

Geocaching - Let's go on a treasure hunt! Next time you find yourself visiting Camp Arnaz take a geocaching adventure around the campgrounds. Begin with these coordinates: 34.378, -119.301 to get started on your hunt. 

Junior Girl Scouts can also earn their Junior Geocacher Badge by completing this curriculum

Please only complete this program when visiting Camp Arnaz for Family Camp, other council programs, or when visiting camp with a reservation.


Camp Arnaz Centers

Camp Arnaz has 4 Centers opening in March of 2021. Members and Non-members can currently purchase a Club Pass for 1 or all 3 of the following clubs: Archery Club, BB Gun Shooting Club, and/or the Astronomy Club. Girl Scout members can join the Rancheras at Camp Arnaz program, which will use The Equine Center. 

Archery Club Pass 2021 - Place your arrow, pull back the string, eye your target, and release! Bull’s-eye! Archery is a thrilling sport that is even more fun to master! It takes strength, attention, steadiness, and practice. Get ready to experience and build your archery skills all while learning how to shoot on a range. Don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind experience!

Exclusive Club Pass with designated 2-hour time slots at discounted registration of $10
Open 1 day (Wednesdays) during the week
2 available time slots on Saturdays (1 morning & 1 late afternoon) a minimum of two weekends each month

BB Gun Shooting Club Pass 2021 - Handling a gun and good marksmanship develops many positive traits and skills. This sport can help teach patience, discipline, determination, focus, and attention to detail – key elements of leadership and confidence building! Learning how to handle guns properly and safely through necessary training is of utmost importance so that girls can develop a healthy respect for the sport and the tools used before engaging in any activity.

Exclusive Club Pass with designated 2-hour time slots at discounted registration of $10
Open 1 day (Tuesdays) during the week
2 available time slots on Sundays (1 morning & 1 late afternoon) a minimum of two weekends each month

Astronomy Club Pass 2021 - Do you find outer space amazing and awe-inspiring? Ready to start your own astronomical journey? We have the perfect club for you! We have shown many aspiring stargazers their first constellation and double star, where the planets are, and how to use a telescope. We can help you find the best binoculars, telescopes, computer programs, and star atlases, and help you decide what you need to enjoy and discover the cosmos! With this club, you can finally begin exploring the universe at your own speed and in your own direction. If your future goals include scientific research, we’ll even show you how you can best use your observations! This club is your friendly ‘launch pad’ for your exploration of astronomy!

Exclusive Club Pass designated every Friday evening at discounted registration of $10

Questions? Read our Camp Arnaz Club FAQ or Contact: Camp Arnaz.

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