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Mental Health and Wellness

Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast is an advocate for mental health for girls, women, and communities. We collaborate with experts in the field of mental/behavioral health to access high-quality resources and align with best practices. Positive mental health encourages girls to fully embrace our mission and grow into their leadership potential. Our goal is for all members (girls, volunteers, alumnae, and staff) to embrace mental health wellness. 

Resources for Troops

A variety of badges and Journey activities are designed to help girls Flourish!

Check out these options in the VTK:

  • Daisy
    • Courageous and Strong petal
    • Responsible for What I Say and Do petal
    • Respect Myself and Others petal
    • Between Earth & Sky Journey (Blue Bucket award)
  • Brownie
    • Making Friends badge
    • My Best Self badge
    • My Great Day badge
  • Junior
    • Independence badge
    • Staying Fit badge
    • Get Moving! Journey
  • Cadette
    • Eating for You badge
    • Science of Happiness badge
    • aMAZE Journey
  • Senior
    • Women’s Health badge
  • Ambassador
    • College Knowledge badge    
Resilient.Ready.Strong. GSCCC Patch Program

Life isn’t always easy, but dealing with tricky emotions doesn’t have to be so hard. Try activities from the Girl Scouts: Resilient. Ready. Strong. program to unlock a patch and strengthen your mental wellness. Nobody can snap their fingers and make the world all sunshine and lollipops, but you can take steps to be ready when things get tough. Go get ‘em, Girl Scout!

Support is available for the Resilent.Ready.Strong patch program for volunteers in gsLearn under the content library. Search for GSUSA Resilient. Ready. Strong. Patch in the search bar.

You can find all the activites to complete in the activity guide.  After completion fill out this form to receive your patch.

Also, we will be conducting weekly drawings, beginning October 1 from girls who have completed the challenge. They will receive a Resilent. Ready. Strong item swag bag. 

Activity Guide 

Guía de actividades

Resources in your Community