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Things kids can do at home

At-Home Programs

While our Girl Scout community is apart due to social distancing, Girl Scouts is not cancelled. With technology and flexible experiences, we are prepared to navigate the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please explore our programs and activities below. In addition to GSUSA's Girl Scouts at Home™ programming, Girl Scouts can participate in 50+ GSCCC created programs and activities listed on this page - with more being added regularly!

At-Home Patch Programs and Series


During September, take a break from screens and virtual learning with these five hands-on activities from NASA STEM @ Home Resources. Print this sheet and check your progress throughout the month.

Learn about the GSCCC CEO while doing this program at home!
Equali-Tea 2020 Patch Program Requirements

Equali-Tea Patch Program 

Must be completed by November 30, 2020 

The suffrage (right to vote) movement was unique in that it was the first time; women across the nation became politically active on women's right. These female activists, called Suffragettes protested their right to vote with protest marches, letters and articles in local papers, and were often arrested while participating in these activities.  

Tea had traditionally been a way for women to socialize and organize. Suffragettes used tea parties as a way to educate others and plan protest activities. These teas began to be called Equali-Teas.   

This patch program aligns with GSUSA's Democracy badges at every level. 

Earn It: Download the GSCCC Equali-Tea Patch Program. When you're finished, purchase your patch Equali-Tea patch.  

We want to hear from girls and troops! Take photos or videos as you earn this patch then send to Remember to include your name, troop # or city. Then look for your activities to be highlighted on the GSCCC Facebook page! 

Girl Scout activities you can do at home
Do a fun family activity at home and earn a patch
Learn about the GSCCC CEO while doing this program at home!

At-Home Versions of Council's Own Patch Programs

At-Home Climb Your Family Tree Patch Program - NEW!

Families come in many sizes and shapes. This patch program provides girls, troops, and families a fun and interesting way to learn more about their family history.

Earn It: Download the Climb Your Family Tree Patch Program.  When you’re finished, purchase Project Pollinate patch via Doubleknot: Climb Your Family Tree Patch.

At-Home Climate Change Patch Program - NEW!
At-Home Money Matters Patch Program
At-Home Be Wild Be Free - SWAPS Charm Program
At-Home Food for All Patch Program
At-Home Forever Green Patch Program
At-Home JPL/NASA Earth Science Patch Program
At-Home Justice Patch Program
At-Home Project Pollinate Patch Program
At-Home Walk This Way Patch Program

Español - Programación Desde el Hogar

Spanish - At-Home Forever Green Patch Program
Spanish - At-Home Project Pollinate Patch Program
Spanish - At-Home Walk This Way Patch Program
Spanish - At-Home JPL/NASA Earth Science Patch Program - NEW!
Spanish - At-Home Justice Patch Program

At-Home Versions of Badge Workshops

Ambassador College Knowledge Badge At-Home Workshop
Ambassador Space Science At-Home Workshop
Brownie Computer Expert Badge At-Home Workshop
Brownie Home Scientist Badge At-Home Workshop
Brownie Making Games Badge At-Home Workshop
Cadette Science of Happiness Badge At-Home Workshop - NEW!
Cadette Marketing Badge At-Home Workshop
Cadette Special Agent At-Home Badge Workshop
Daisy Count It Up Badge At-Home Workshop
Daisy Money Counts Badge At-Home Workshop
Daisy Safety Award Pin At-Home Workshop
Junior Flowers Badge At-Home Workshop
Junior Staying Fit Badge At-Home Workshop
Senior Buying Power At-Home Badge Workshop
Senior Car Care Badge At-Home Workshop
Senior Textile Artist Badge At-Home Workshop

GSCCC Virtual Bridging Week

Introduction Video

Resources for Things to Do While at Home

Girl Scouts at Home™
Virtual Camp Marketplace - NEW!

Summer Camp 2020 is here! 

Welcome to your source for safe, virtual summer camp sessions from Girl Scout councils all across the country.

Discover camp experiences for every girl, whether it involves horses, wildlife, make believe, STEM, environmental stewardship, or culinary arts. The options include a blend of live interactions with camp counselors and plenty of activities to complete away from the screen, independently, or with a caregiver.

Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors safely while social distancing! While you’re at it, join the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge—complete the designated number of activities and earn yourself a cool new patch. Use #gsoutdoors to share your story and to see how other girls are completing this fun outdoor challenge.

Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge Activity Sheet

More Resources
More Activities and Family Fun!
GSCCC Celebrates National Fruit & Veggie Month June 2020

GSCCC Celebrates National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month 2020!

Fruit and veggies are the cornerstone of our diets. They are yummy and provide tons of vitamins and nutrients. 

Try some of the following activities this month:

• Try new produce each week. Each week or each day, try to incorporate a new fruit or veggie into your meals. Create a challenge among your family members to see who has tried the most variety of fresh fruits and veggies. 

Solve this riddle. Summer is the easiest time to follow MyPlate's advice and fill half your plate with fruits and veggies; many fresh fruits and veggies are in season and at their peak of flavor.  National Fruits and Veggies Month Riddle 

• Make cookie cutter fruit skewers. Use your favorite cookie cutter shapes. Cut your fruit into 1.5” slices. Use your cookie cutter to cut out a shape. Slip shapes on your skewer. 

Create Fruit and Veggie Printings.  Use this fun and easy craft idea to create fun gift ideas like wrapping paper, greeting cards, book covers, decorative shopping bags, garden flags, or a banner. Use your imagination! Have fun!  

Video for the Balloon Zip Line GSCCC STEAM Activity Sheet: