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Goal Setting

Fun and Easy Program Activities

Ready, set, goal!  The Fall Product Sale Program isn’t just about nuts, candy and magazines, it’s also about fun and teamwork, developing skills and sharing! Check out resources "Nuts for Knowledge" and make the sale a family affair!

Troops to Troops benefits Girl Scout troops, the council, and supports the patriotic campaign where care packages are sent to members of our Armed Forces serving overseas. Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast is partnering with For The Troops to provide cans of nuts or magazine vouchers for these patriotic mailings.

  • A Girl Scout Service Project which is both educational and charitable.
  • An opportunity for customers to say “Thank You” to service men and women.
  • A way for customers to support Girl Scouts even if they would not have purchased nuts or magazines for themselves.
  • A great way to send a little taste of home to those serving our country overseas.

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