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Cookies Power Amazing Experiences for Girls

When you buy a box of delicious Girl Scout Cookies, you help power new, unique, and amazing experiences for every awesome G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) in your community who sells these purpose-filled treats—SWEET!

Will she help the local animal shelter across town or plant a community garden for friends and neighbors? Cross the country to see the Grand Canyon, or cross an ocean for the travel experience of a lifetime? Go to summer camp, or earn one of Girl Scouting’s highest awards? It’s up to her and her troop—they own their adventure!

That’s the thing. When girls participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they get more than life-changing experiences and adventure. They also develop essential life skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—all while soaring in confidence and practicing leadership the Girl Scout way to lift one another up and change the world, together.

What an experience! That’s why we always focus on the interaction between cookie boss and cookie fan, and not cookie parent and cookie fan—this is SO important! Enjoy your favorite cookies even more knowing you helped her do and learn amazing things.

Find Cookies Now

Ready for cookies? There are several ways to satisfy your Girl Scout Cookie craving.

  • Find a cookie booth. Locate a Girl Scout Cookie sale in your community with the “Find Cookies!” link on this page. Then head on over for the yummy treats!

  • Download the app. Looking for cookies on the go? Download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app for your iOS or Android mobile device.

  • Order cookies online. Do you know a Girl Scout? Ask her if you can buy your cookies from her online site using the Digital Cookie® platform, now in its fourth record-breaking year!

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Thank you for helping to make the 2017 Cookie Sale a Success!

Formula for a successful cookie sale: Goal Setting + Decision Making + People Skills + Business Ethics + Money Management multiplied by 5,973 girls and parents at 200+ booth locations = $1,117,828 in troop proceeds.  Proceeds will fund great Girl Scout programs to help our girls unleash their inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™ and build a better world for all of us! 

Thank you to more than 1,000 parents and Troop Leaders, plus 742 Troop and 28 Service Unit Cookie Chairs for helping the girls succeed!

Thank you also for participating in the Care-to-Share Program. Over 25,000 boxes of cookies were donated to For The Troops, Vandenberg Airforce Base, and USO at SFO, along with other charitable organizations.

Our council received a very special thank you letter from For The Troops to Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast for the generous donation of Girl Scout cookies sent to troops deployed overseas. For The Troops is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing members of the American military with “We Care” packages containing basic necessities, goodies, games and—most of all—a show of support!

When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you make adventures possible with every box, along with girls giving back to our communities in great ways.

When girls participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they get more than new adventures. They develop important life skills — goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics — that will set them up for success beyond anything they can imagine.

Thank you!


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