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Fall Product Program


The Fall Product Program is a friends-and-family sale that helps troops earn start-up money and provides an important ingredient for early leadership skills. Participation in the Fall Product Program is also a great set-up for the largest girl-led business in the world - The Girl Scout Cookie Sale!



Girls get back in the swing of things as members of a team/troop working toward a common goal, with each girl striving to do her best. 

Troops are encouraged to set goals, such as planning trips and community service projects, to accomplish during the year. 

Money earned from the Fall Product Program helps the troop achieve its goals.

Fall Product Program 2017 Important Dates

  • SU/Troop Volunteer Access Email: September 22
  • Sale Begins: September 29 
  • In-Person Orders Entered by Girl/Parent: October 15
  • Orders Entered Online by TFPC: October 17, 8:59pm PST
  • Service Unit Order Confirmation: October 21, 8:59pm PST
  • Candy/Nut Delivery: November 2-4 
  • Online Ends: November 12